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Research Roundtable: Guidance on the Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Monday, April 3, 2017 1:30 - 3:00 PM

  • Location:

    252 Erickson Hall

  • Categories:
    • Research
    • Academics
    • Outreach
    • Resources
    • Education Policy Center
    • Teacher Education
    • Kinesiology
    • Educational Administration
    • CEPSE
    • Office of K-12 Outreach
    • Urban
    • Global
    • IRTL
    • HALE Center
    • Center for Physical Activity and Health (CPAH)
    • Create for STEM
    • Urban Educators Cohort Program
    • Institute for the Study of Youth Sports
    • Global Educators Cohort Program
    • Master of Arts in Education
    • Office of International Studies in Education
    • Center for the Study of Curriculum
    • Economics of Education
  • Audiences:
    • General Public
    • College of Education Faculty, Staff, and Students
  • Description:

    The College of Education and the Broad College of Business have organized several Roundtable Lunch Discussions for colleagues from both colleges interested in exploring possible areas of collaborative research activity. For each roundtable, we are inviting several colleagues from each college to highlight their key interests in a brief five-minute statement. Following these succinct, opening remarks to encourage lively thinking, most of each lunch conversation will involve open conversation to explore questions and issues that could connect colleagues from each college around issues of common interest. We envision that the discussions may reveal theoretical or conceptual perspectives, as well as methodological expertise, that could lead to collaborations involving new approaches to important research questions of interest across the two colleges. The overall purpose of the Roundtables is to help faculty members make connections across colleges, consider fresh perspectives that could lead to new collaborations, and pave the way for individuals or groups to pursue further discussion about collaborative work. 

    Speaker: Harry McGee, chair of MSU's Social Science/Behavioral/Educational Institutional Review Board (SIRB)

    Topics: Tips and guidance to help the IRB process go smoothly; issues that you may have not considered.