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«April 2018»

Neoliberalism in Higher Education & Resistance in the (Post) Colonial Context

Reflections on Palestine, Malawi and Tanzania

Friday, March 17, 2017 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

  • Location:

    Room 61, Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center

  • Categories:
    • Research
    • Academics
    • Outreach
    • Education Policy Center
    • Teacher Education
    • Educational Administration
    • CEPSE
    • Office of K-12 Outreach
    • Urban
    • Global
    • IRTL
    • HALE Center
    • Create for STEM
    • Urban Educators Cohort Program
    • Global Educators Cohort Program
    • Master of Arts in Education
    • Office of International Studies in Education
    • Center for the Study of Curriculum
    • Economics of Education
  • Audiences:
    • General Public
    • College of Education Faculty, Staff, and Students
  • Description:

    Neoliberalism and its impact on public goods like education is a global process. In this presentation, we focus on insights from working in higher education institutions in Africa and the Middle East. The panel will discuss how the processes of neoliberalism and fiscal austerity have impacted academic life within these institutions. The presenters will reflect on how their cases are similar or different from each other and from the United States, but also on the difference in reaction to conditions both by students and faculty.


    The Friday Forum provides a venue for MSU faculty, staff, students and administrators to discuss the transformation of public higher education through the imposition of market logic and relations.


    Visit FutureU to learn more about neoliberalism and public higher education:

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